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Looking for a unified front to back design flow? OrCAD PCB Editor is a complete solution with tight OrCAD Capture integration and a comprehensive feature set.

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Includes: Free Training | Built-In Translators | Powerful 64-bit PCB Design

Scalable. Stay competitive in today’s market and plan for the future. OrCAD PCB Editor is designed to grow with your business and can be tailored to address your specific needs and budget requirements.

Easy to Use. Get up and running quickly with our interactive place-and-route environment—allowing you the ability to create and edit simple or complex PCBs with ease.

Best in Class Performance. Easily handle growing design complexity designs with multicore support built-in for shapes, routing, and DRC engines—resulting in a shorter, more predictable design cycle.

Unified Design. One common platform across the entire PCB design process from intial concept, through design implementation, and handoff to manufacturing.

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I personally have been using PCB design tools for 30 years, so in addition to being affordable and capable for our initial product release, I was looking very closely at the long term growth potential of tools being in line with those of a fast growing startup. EMA provided a solution that easily met these requirements.

James Machiorletti Hardware Architect, Roost


See for yourself how OrCAD PCB is designed to help you drive your products from idea to production.

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